When can you find time to make money with Google? or Time Commitment

It did take a lot of work to get started. You need to think clearly about your site - what it is going to offer, what content you may be able to have that makes it a good site, how it will be easy for people to navigate, what people want. Then you need to get your add in the search engines. This once again takes time if, like me, you do not have money to spend when starting up.

After this initial burst of energy your time commitment becomes much less but you do need to update your site to keep it 'alive.' 

WHY? Because Google does not like 'dead' sites, sites that are not active. So now I check my sites weekly and try to make small weekly or large monthly updates. Just small regular updates. This can be done from anywhere in the world.

MY TIME COMMITMENT   I started with one hour a day on 6 days of the week. You may only have half an hour to spare. That is fine but it is about the minimum. If you feel you don't even have  half an hour well maybe you could manage two fifteen minute time slots per day.

I found that because I really wanted to do this I got my house work done quicker. I got organised for the next day at night so I could hit the floor running in the morning. I thought about and did research for my site in my lunch hour at work and in the train coming home from work.

Anyway if you want to take my approach just come back to this site whenever you can and work through one of the topics in lessons, build your site and then learn how to make money in lessons 2.

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