Free Websites.

I researched free websites on the internet. I got a free website. I had the mindset that this was my hobby and that was how I would approach it. I did not want it to cost me anything except my time.

This is a free website. I am very happy with synthasite - it is easy to use, totally free, with no pop ups or adds and with the option to upgrade to your own domain at any time at the most reasonable rate I can find on the net. You can have a blog or a website and there are many classy styles to choose from. I am not affiliated to synthasite but have a few  different sites with them. if you would like to check out the different styles please go to:

Bird Flu

Early Childhood Resources

Frugal Live More With Less: Frugal Food ideas, Frugal Transport, ClothesCleaningMoney, Energy, News, Frugal Resources

GNN - Good News Network nothing but good news and views from around the world in health, science, sport, politics, environment and technology.   A positive alternative to today's news all in one place.

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