Making money or How much money. 

Most people want to charge you big money for the info you get here. We are just posting information as we find it ourselves to help others and tell you what we have done.  In our first week we made $2.38 US.  This was before we had applied to any search engines.  We were still trying to make our site look good.  By the second week we were making $5.00 US and we were still only adding content and not with search engines.  It gets better and better.  If we can do it you can.

Turn your site into a money generator.  You can make money with Google. It is not a sell out to do this.  It helps to fund all the time and effort that has gone into making your site.  You get money in your Google Account every time someone clicks on one of the AdSense ads on your site. 

There is a big difference in what one site makes per click than another site depending on content. Google places adds on your site that relate to your content. For example in kids good news we talk about schools and recycling and we have adds about recycling from Google. This does not mean that you should change what your website is about. We have gone with our interests and we think you should too. Everyone is trying to get the big keywords- people will try and sell you the big keywords but hey you have to have some integrity. We have made money with web pages that we enjoy writing about. Some of the big keywords may not have a lot of people looking for them or clicking on them. Lots of clicks every day may get you the same kind of money as one big keyword add.

Obviously the more people who visit your site the more people see your adds and therefore the more money you make with Google Adsense.

How much you earn depends on a few things such as how much an advertiser bids for your site. You receive a portion of what the advertiser pays. 

Getting Paid

Google payments.  Monthly totals of your referral credits will appear on your Payment History page - just click the Earnings detail for any month to view how much you've earned through referrals. Your earnings from referrals will be included with your earnings from AdSense for content and AdSense for search.

Google has EFT payment system available, which delivers your AdSense earnings to your bank account  without you having to do anything.
Google will 'send your check or EFT payment within approximately 30 days of the end of the month in which your account balance reaches US$100, unless a payment hold  exists or unless otherwise agreed to in writing'  from the Adsense Help Center.
'Google displays ads that relate to the information I have on my sites. It is a simple and assured way of getting money while developing sites. It is the best approach for a small business like mine.'
                                         - Lesley,  Autoimmune list

The best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages.  It is fast and easy - apply to Google and add code to your site.
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